Textile Foils

textile foils designs

Crown has developed metallized foils to create metallic effects on pre-treated textiles. Crown offers a large portfolio of metallic and pigment colors extensively used in the fashion industry for shirts and garments that strengthen and communicate brand image. With proper design and use of proper materials, our textile foils are guaranteed to impress and enhance clothing lines for sportswear, evening wear or casual outfits and shirts, conveying sophistication, exclusivity and premium quality.

Crown’s MG39 series can easily be transferred onto fabric using a clam-shell type heated press. The textile has to be pretreated with suitable adhesives which are typically applied onto the textile via screen-printing, with the desired image to be foiled. The foil is then applied using a heated press onto the adhesive on the shirt to which it forms a durable bond, forming a pattern dictated by the printed adhesive.