Security foils

Crown is a pioneer in the security foil market, and is America’s first fully integrated manufacturer of embossed holograms. Whether it is a passport for travel across borders, a driver’s license or national ID, or an employee badge to access secure office locations, holograms have been used to secure these various forms of identification. Crown works closely with secure ID solution providers in the US and around the world.

Metallic and See-Through Foils and Laminates

Crown offers metallic and see-through hot stamping foils, for card stamping, or foiling on passport stock, as well as secure laminates for IDs, tamper-evident labels for brand protection, and holographic scratch-off foils for use with phone cards, gift cards and other applications.

Brand Protection

Crown’s holographic foils and laminates are also extensively used for brand protection, and in combination with other technologies, deter product diversion. Crown’s extensive origination capabilities offer various levels of product security appropriate to specific applications and needs.

Transaction Cards

Crown offers stock and customer holograms for use on transaction cards, as well as Color-shift foils, scratch-off foils, tipping foils and see-through overlays.

Diamond Kote – our most durable hot stamping foil layer is used to protect high-value transaction cards like the American Express Platinum Card


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