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Who we are

Crown is a family-owned business started by its founder Robert Waitts in 1972. The company continues to operate under the guidance of his two sons, George, and James Waitts, and one of the founding partners, Manny Cueli, and is located in Paterson, New Jersey. We are a completely vertically integrated manufacturer of commercial and security hot stamping foils and laminates. We are the one stop solution for your project needs and handle any size projects—big or small. We have served over 5000 customers in 60 countries and have expanded into a 150,000 sq ft facility staffed by 150 full time employees.

Crown has a tradition of innovation which has helped us grow. In the early 1970’s, our founders recognized the potential to expand the use of hot stamping foils from pens and pencils to improve the appearance of products in many categories. We were among the first to invest in R&D and new technology to create a rainbow of metallic colors and to develop new products such as gloss and matte pigments, tints, pearls, and special effect foils.

Crown has also been at the forefront of custom holography, from developing the base foil for the 1985 cover of National Geographic featuring a holographic image of Africa’s Taung Child, to various current commemorative foils for music and sporting events. With its excellent appearance and limited waste, the National Geographic cover was viewed as the first commercially successful holographic job in the world.

Crown is a completely vertically integrated holographic foil manufacturing facility. Coating, embossing, and metallizing is all done in house. The facility is secured with state-of-the-art equipment including service gate access and 24-hour video surveillance. We have a fully staffed art and origination department allowing us to take you from design concept to finished holographic products in a few weeks.

Crown is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of OVD’s (Optical Variable Devices) and security holographic products. These products help customers in the areas of Anti-Counterfeiting, Product Authentication, Brand Protection, and Fraud Deterrence.

We can develop a custom multilevel security approach that best meets your needs. To increase protection, unique overt and covert security features can be added. These include diffractive and morphing effects to holograms, adding 2D/3D hologram images with chrome text and guilloche, concealed features such as Micro Text, Nano Text, Micro Imagery, UV Blacklight Ink, and hidden images that can only be viewed with a laser device. Crown will continue to innovate so we can best meet our customers’ commercial and security needs and satisfy their business goals, so they are successful.
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You can increase connection with your customers and win at point of sale with our unique, eye-catching custom innovative packaging and laminate solutions.

With Crown, you can also more quickly get to market and engage your customers.

Due to our vertically integrated manufacturing and USA production, combined with our 50 years of expertise, we can more rapidly complete your project.


Crown is a pioneer in the security foil market and America’s first fully integrated manufacturer of embossed holograms.

We are one of the world’s leading experts in the field of Optical Variable Devices and security holography products.

Our proprietary multilevel technology, such as custom holography with overt and covert security features, creates unique solutions that defeats forgers.


We are your single source production solution for your packaging and laminate projects, so you don’t need multiple vendors.

Fast turnaround—we are vertically integrated, and our fully staffed Art and Origination Department can quickly take you from design concept to finished product.

All manufacturing is done in the USA, which minimizes supply chain delays and costs.


You can enjoy peace of mind as Crown expertly manages and completes your project and you can spend more time growing your business.

We are celebrating our 50th anniversary and have satisfied the needs of over 5000 customers in 60 countries.

Family owned, we give world class attention to all projects, no matter what the size.

Our Quality Objectives:

Maintain a high on-time delivery
Minimize customer rejects and returns
Minimize our scrap rate
Minimize internal non-conformance