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Here's How to Find the Right Solution

With thousands of products in inventory, Crown Roll Leaf, Inc. is your single source convenience for holograms, holographic diffraction gratings and hot stamping foils. Crown`s 150,000 sq.ft. headquarters and manufacturing facility on Illinois Avenue in Paterson, NJ produces millions of linear feet of foil products each month.

We are family owned and give world class attention to all projects, no matter what the size.

All manufacturing is done in the USA which minimizes supply chain delays and costs

color matching

Crown can match any metallic or pigment shade not shown in our product catalogs, subject to Minimum Order Quantities. We can match Pantone colors, or other color chip or foil samples that you need for your project.

Holographic Origination

Crown has a fully-staffed Art and Origination Department, allowing us to take you from design concept to finished holographic foils or laminates in a few weeks. We offer various levels of holographic origination and OVDs utilizing dot-matrix and E-beam technology.

custom foils

One of Crown’s core competencies is developing foils for unique, specific applications. As substrates and coatings onto which foils are stamped change, the foils have to evolve as well in order to maintain product integrity and production efficiencies for stampers and other foil users.

Core Competencies

Base Foil Development – Over the years Crown has developed various foil and laminate products used in both Graphics and Security applications. We work with individual customers to meet their needs. Our foils and laminates have been used for various paper and plastic applications, as well as on banknotes, passports, various identification card applications. Combined with our holographic origination and embossing capabilities, Crown is able to offer complete brand protection and secure document solutions.



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This year we celebrate our 50th Anniversary. By uniquely satisfying our customers’ needs through innovation, Crown has grown from a small company to an internationally respected enterprise and has served over 5000 customers in 60 countries.

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