License Plate Foils

Crown has been supplying license foils for commercial, decorative, and security applications since the mid 1990’s. We supply license plates in a variety of colors and can match colors and designs for any specific application. Crown is a pioneer in security foils, and an expert in holography, so we can also develop a custom multilevel security approach that best meets your needs.

We have developed secure license plate foils by introducing features such as printed text as well as holographic features in combination with solid colors. To further increase protection against counterfeiting, unique overt and covert security features can also be added. These include diffractive and morphing effects to holograms, which show altered or totally different images at different viewing angles, adding 2D/3D hologram images with chrome text and guilloche, and concealed features such as Micro Text, Nano Text, Micro Imagery and UV blacklight ink.

Our license plate foils are certified according to ISO 7591 and meet DIN 74069 testing standards. We can work with you on any type of license plate, including self-illuminating plates. Western Europe is our strongest license plate foil market, but we have rapidly grown in Eastern Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

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