With thousands of products in inventory, Crown Roll Leaf, Inc. is your single source convenience for holograms, holographic diffraction gratings and hot stamping foils.

Crown`s 150,000 sq.ft. headquarters and manufacturing facility on Illinois Avenue in Paterson, NJ produces millions of linear feet of foil products each month.

Our Quality Policy

  • Produce High Quality Products

  • On Time Deliveries

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Continiously Improving

  • Quality Objectives

    • Maintain On-Time Deliveries

    • Minimize Customer Returns

    • Minimize Our Scrap Rate

    • Minimize Internal Non-Conformances

    • Core Competencies

      • Security Holograms

      • Holograms

      • Retail-Vision Holograms

      • HRI Security Holograms

      • Stock Holograms

      • 3D, 2D, SDI Origination

      • Holographic Gratings

      • Hot Stamping Foils

      • Special Effects Foils

      • Metallic Foils

      • Multi-Dimensional Patterns


Why Choose Us?

Unique Products
that defeat forgers
with breakthrough advances in multi-level ID security technology

Fully Integrated Art,
4 laser origination labs,
shim growing, embossing,
metalizing and converting

Quick Ship Service
Thousands of products in inventory shipped to over 60 countries around the world

Over 2,000 Products
Single source convenience
for all your needs